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Hello! ;D

Hi! I've been a human for... geez, all my life, now that I think about it! I need some seriously serious help though...

I was at a human shag session last weekend with five other humans. Everyone was in their humansuits I made for them (one even wore the one I sold on Humanbid! :D) with their SPH's. It was SO much UNFing fun... until I was cummed on. Now I'm having a hard time cleaning my humansuit. :'( What do I do?!

Oh yes, I will show you all my human persona in a bit. Her name is Fuzzy Norwegian and loves to kill animals. I HATE ANIMALS AND I HATE BEING ONE. >:(

Nice talking to you all! Please help me, kthx.

By the way, are there any grunge/glitter humans here? I LOVE their artwork!
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I'm more of a WereHuman myself! I believe in human spirituality and Pyre spirits. Like Hawthorne the black man, and his companion Sygnet the brown man.

I also like humans with huge ears and 4098014891024801 piercings.

and yeah, being an animal sucks! I want to get my body modifeid and make it more human.
Heeeeey!! My Human-suit HAS TO look like that, so I can fit my REAL ears and REAL 4098014891024801 piercings in!! *pouts* XD
OMG, I know! My ears are too small to accomodate that though, I just can't figure out how to fit all the piercings on and still keep the ears upright...Someone please help me? I've tried wires and even a dowel, but nothing works and stays comfortable to wear! :C

My humesona is an irish/italian mix with long sideburns and a goatee. I was banned on SA because I told everyone this.

SA is evil... and stuff. >=(

*raids an internet forum and sends hatemail to parody sites with self-rightous fury*

Oh thats so Cool!!! I hate being an animal too :/ its really hard. There are only two other humans on the ship I live on and it's so hard. Because we're suppose to kill them. I hate killing what I am inside. You know?